Frequently Asked Questions
Do you require access to my Amazon seller account?
We DON'T require access to your Amazon account while helping you with the category ungating phase. We work together to enlighten you on the stages of getting approved from beginning to end. We have tailored steps customized to suit each client. Our job is to guide and aid you through the application process.
Is ungating offered for every category?
Currently we are trying to add a lot more categories although the categories shown on our website are the ones we offer approval and ungating services for. Due to legal restrictions, we don't intend to ungate highly regulated categories like "Wine" and some others as well.
What is the time frame for approval?
For a while now, the normal time it takes to get approval ranges from a few minutes to almost a month once you receive the necessary documentation from us. There is actually no time frame when submitting for category approval. It all depends on the representative that is going through your information. Additional requests for information or image tends to slow down the process by the representative.
Does the download happen immediately payment has been made?
No. After your payment has been approved by a member of our team, an email would be sent to each vendor (PayPal email) and the process would be initiated within 12 hours of payment confirmation. During the process you would be required to provide information concerning documentation you have in addition to submission of a filled out form. Please note that we DON'T WORK on weekends, so you need to a little extra time if payment was made during the weekend..
What are the consequences if my category approval request isn’t accepted by Amazon?
We would continue to assist you in resubmitting your applications while appending the necessary changes required for approval. If Amazon doesn't accept your category approval request, please ensure that you own an Amazon "Pro" seller subscription, as this is required to gain access to all gated categories. Also ensure your account meets the required Amazon seller metrics as indicated on their website. As a reminder, before requesting our services, please, always ensure your Pro seller account meets the required health and seller metrics.
Can other vendors have access to my ungating information?
Information provided by us are for your exclusive use. We request that you do not share them with other vendors as it could lead to conflicting account problems like vendor information, ip address and the likes, on how Amazon tracks sellers and their applications. The services we offer and the documentation we provide are used only during our PERSONAL approval process. We provide additional images when needed but not for applications. 
Refund Policy
We currently have a 100% success rate until our obligation is accomplished. We provide an approval guarantee for our ungating services even if it takes more than one attempt to get approval. However, we will give a full refund if you are not able to get approved for some reason. 

Here are some conditions whereby we do not offer refund once payment has been verified:
> We have no control over your Amazon seller account status and as such we do not offer refund if your Amazon account's health or metrics are the reason for your denial or inability to submit an application. Please ensure you review your metric before paying and engaging our services.
 > We don't offer refund to clients who realizes quite conveniently after engaging our services (or gets documentation from us) that he already has an approved/ungated for the category he requested assistance.

 > We don't offer refund to clients who suddenly has a change of heart after purchasing our service.

 > We don't refund or swap gating with another gating category you purchased. Please ensure you verify the correct Service you need before paying for our services.

> If you don't provide us with feedback after a couple of weeks or over a month after we have provided you (or your company) with our services, we would assume your ungating was successful. It is part of our company policy to engage clients personally during the duration of our services. Getting late response stating that you had a problem with your application would not be accepted. We demand timely responses as this is our standard practice with our clients. As a result, we don't offer refunds due to a breakdown in communication on the part of the client.
> On confirmation of payment, we request specific Amazon seller account information so as to be able to provide you with quality services. We assume that information provided by clients are correct. In addition, changes to information provided cannot be changed during the application without prior approval from our team. Persistent changes to account information or negligence of ungating procedures would not result in refunds. We require accurate and exact information from clients in order to be able to offer proper and timely assistance.

> We would not be responsible neither would we offer a refund for changes made by Amazon to their "category/directory structure layout" or determine that your recent category approval (that we worked on) has been revoked. Examples include; account suspension problems, ASIN issues, brand gated issues and other related problems. We have no control over Amazon or an Amazon sellers account once approval has been granted.
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